The Top 4 Benefits of Executive Functioning Tutoring

Parents and teachers are becoming more and more aware of students’ learning impediments and the difficulties they face due to mental health challenges. Executive functioning coaching has become a highly efficient method to help children succeed academically, thanks to organized and personalized studying strategies that teachers and private tutors implement in their curriculum. Before we jump into the specific benefits of executive functioning tutoring, let’s quickly break down what executive functioning actually is, in case you’re not familiar with the subject.

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning is the set of cognitive processes and mental skills that help both children and adults function throughout their lives. These include everything from memory to self-management skills, flexible thinking, and more. People with executive function issues struggle when it comes to maintaining focus, handling emotions, making decisions, and being organized. These skills are particularly important for a child in their early development years, and even if these traits come naturally for some, others need professional help to grow in these areas.

Each child’s executive functioning skills differ, and not every one of them needs extra help in every area. However, there are also cases when children never fully develop any executive function, which can lead to several issues. Fortunately, children can overcome these difficulties with the help of skilled teachers and tutors who provide specialized executive functioning lessons. Patience is key, and that’s one of the main elements we use here at Da Vinci Collaborative in our tutoring sessions.

Why is executive functioning tutoring important?

When a child is paired with a patient and resourceful teacher, the results can be astonishing. Trust also plays a key role for children, and fully trusting their tutor can help advance their progress substantially. A holistic approach to tutoring is essential in an executive functioning coaching program, and real results can be seen fairly quickly. If you’re interested in learning about the specific benefits of executive functioning tutoring, take a look at the shortlist below.

1. Learn how to focus

“Thanks” to technology, everybody is easily distracted nowadays—children especially. Maintaining focus in the classroom, while doing homework or various chores is hard even for children not battling executive function problems. For those who are though, paying attention is like an extra task, and losing focus can happen very quickly. One-on-one executive functioning tutoring sessions ensure that a teacher is 100% dedicated to a student’s progress, and helps them stay focused during classes. Practice makes perfect, and through various techniques, children can master the art of focusing pretty quickly.

2. Better organizational skills

Even as adults, we sometimes feel like we’re all over the place with our tasks. Imagine how a child must feel when they’re overwhelmed with tasks. It’s not a fun experience, and usually, kids tend to abandon everything because of the pressure and stress they’re feeling. Executive functioning torturing lessons also focus on improving both organizational and time management skills, so children can tackle tasks more effectively. Prioritizing school work, identifying how much a task might take, and even finding easier ways to complete them are some of the key elements children can learn in executive functioning tutoring classes.

3. Improve flexible thinking

The best tutors want their students to excel at out-of-the-box thinking; however, they don’t rush things. Every child’s thinking pattern is different, and some need more help than others, but in the end, improving critical thinking as much as possible is an important milestone to achieve. A tutor’s job is to effectively teach their students different methods of thinking and help them alter their thought processes.

4. Impulse control and regulating emotions

If it would be socially acceptable, everybody would be throwing tantrums daily. Regulating emotions is a key part of a child’s development, as well as learning how to control their impulses. Sometimes, even parents struggle with this and fall short when it comes to educating their kids on this topic. Nonetheless, there are instances when children won’t budge and won’t listen to advice from their parents. Executive functioning professionals know exactly how to handle these types of situations by using advanced techniques that will ultimately help children better understand themselves and their surroundings, leading to better emotional regulation.

In search of executive functioning tutors? Reach out to us!

At Da Vinci Collaborative, tutors work with children every day to help them study and guide them through school and life. We’re a team of professionals who teach children with different mental health issues, in hopes of helping them become a better version of themselves. If you’re in need of specialized tutoring for your child, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us; our teachers can’t wait to meet new students and embark on new learning journeys.

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