A Head for Knowing

Kerry Leo and her team of collaborators believe that everyone can learn, and when people “learn how they learn best,” their greatest potential is unleashed.

— Our Podcast

This is a podcast to get people excited again about learning and education!

Each episode of A Head for Knowing introduces listeners to amazing educators, outstanding leaders, and practitioners in the classrooms and creative spaces across the country, as well as remarkable students breaking down barriers and overcoming obstacles so that others can succeed, too! As education specialists and expert problem-solvers, Kerry and her team bring the latest and greatest in education and learning science and research to our listener community. They share stories of success, introduce new and creative strategies that work, demystify learning challenges, and promote positive learning experiences for every individual. Dialogues are fun, lively, engaging and interactive! Listeners are welcome to join in and share in the conversation.

Episode 1 - 'What schools could be' with Paul Romanelli

Episode 2 - Hillary Gomes

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