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Technology and Learning

Technology comes in many forms and is typically categorized as “low-tech,” “medium-tech,” and “high-tech.” Examples of low-tech assistive technology can include graphic organizers, sensory items, and even pencil grips.

There are also many more technology-focused assistive technology tools, such as electronic worksheets, screen magnifiers, or text enlargement software, TTS (text-to-speech) devices, which read printed text aloud, lecture recording software, and other devices and programs that can greatly benefit students’ learning. Whatever a student needs, there are likely assistive technology options that can help.

The first step consists of an evaluation to determine the right type of assistive technology for your student. The data from this evaluation is utilized on the IEP (Individual Education Plan), and then used to provide support to the student in the classroom environment. We monitor the student’s progress constantly and tweak wherever needed, trying out different tech tools to find what works best for a student at a specific point in time.

The key aspect is that the student receives the proper training and support after the evaluation, and that’s why Da Vinci Collaborative makes these consultations and coaching pillars of the educational process.

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What People Say

What people have said about DaVinci:

We continually go back to Da Vinci Collaborative for our professional development needs. Always a productive use of our teacher’s time with strategies and techniques they can utilize immediately in the classroom. The team at Da Vinci have a very clear understanding of students and their unique needs with problem solving methods to support their growth and development.
Jeanne Dowling
Director of Special Education West Islip School District
As a parent and an educator I had concerns for children. Da Vinci turned my concerns into a plan of action. They gave explicit instructions and proven strategies to help these amazing children reach their potential. My child loves her sessions and her confidence continues to grow.
Lou Bonadonna
Asst Superintendent Special Education Northport-East Northport Union Free School District
The evaluations conducted by Da Vinci provide unique insight into the profiles of our students while offering practical and productive recommendations to support their growth
Sue Kosser
Director of Pupil Personnel Services, East Rockaway School District
I am pleased to say that we have developed a wonderful partnership with Da Vinci's Team. Their commitment to our staff and students is evident. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing assistive technology to our students. They have quickly developed relationships with our building teams. They work tirelessly to ensure they have a complete understanding of each students' needs before recommendations are made. Working with Da Vinci has provided us with innovative AT support.
Aileen M. O'Rourke
Ed. D. Executive Director of Special Education | PPS K-5 and CPSE East Islip School District

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