The Top 5 Qualities of a Good Teacher

The world of education is always changing, and we are nothing if we are not flexible. This past year in particular has taught us that we need to expect the unexpected and always be prepared. Lesson plans, guided reading groups, peer edits, and for some, even live instruction became a thing of the past. Educators have altered the way they teach to accommodate all the curve balls thrown their way in 2020. This was no easy task, but a great teacher will always put in the time and energy needed to make sure they reach all of their students, no matter the circumstances.

There are so many great qualities that an educator may possess, and each individual brings something different and unique to the classroom. It is difficult to pinpoint the necessary skills each educator must have, but some qualities stand out more than others. Here are 5 qualities that our team at Da Vinci believes are not only necessary, but imperative to be a good teacher, especially during times of crisis.

1. Communication and collaboration

There are so many people involved in a child’s life, so it is important to make sure the communication lines are open – at all times. It takes a village to educate a child, and collaborating with one another is the best way to determine if your plan of action is working. That can be tricky when you’re teaching or learning remotely, but technology can help you keep this line of communication open. Remain open-minded and listen to each other. Take feedback and suggestions with ease and apply changes when necessary. This makes a good teacher great.  

2. Flexibility

An effective teacher needs to be flexible in a constantly evolving environment.  The world of education is changing on a daily basis and a good educator needs to adapt to that new norm. It is important to become comfortable with the uncomfortable because tomorrow may bring something completely different, new, and unexpected. This is a lesson we’ve all come to learn in 2020, and as teachers, we need to be ready for any challenge and adapt quickly to best serve those who need us.

3. A desire to learn

A good teacher must possess the desire and passion to continuously learn and improve. There are always new programs and approaches that other professionals are researching and using. Not to mention all the technologies that children and students are using, that a teacher should try to become familiar with, as well. A good teacher should never be complacent with a “good enough” approach and instead should always be looking for the next best thing. The best teachers have high expectations for all of their students. These expectations will be different for each student, but it is the job of the teacher to decide if they have reached their personal best. If not, they need to brainstorm what is or is not working and keep looking for another way.

4. Approachability

Parents rely on educators to look after their kids for what turns out to be a big part of their lives.  There will be times when a student is having a bad day and they need to know they have someone to turn to, someone who is on their side. It can be intimidating for a youngster to approach a teacher to discuss their troubles, whether they be academic or personal, but that level of comfort is extremely important. The more a school or classroom feels like a safe haven, the more available our students will be to learn and open up to us. 

5. Patience

Patience is an important quality that is beneficial for all professionals to have. On a daily basis, teachers have to interact with different people, deal with different obstacles, set and measure different but appropriate expectations, learn how to successfully differentiate instructions, and so much more. Educators are always juggling so many balls, that it is crucial to remain patient if and when one of those balls drop. Things take time, and in the world of education, patience is of the essence.

There are so many wonderful teachers in this world with so many wonderful qualities. Each of these qualities plays a major role in the success of our students, and can make a massive difference in their academic, professional, and personal development. Being part of the Da Vinci family, it is incredibly rewarding to work side by side with such amazing and inspiring professionals on a daily basis, and I look forward to continuing watching educators help shape the future.     

If you or your child need education guidance or want to learn more about the services that we offer, reach out to Da Vinci and see how we can help.

Author: Kasi Perritt

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