The DaVinci Institute

Lifelong Learning for Primary/Secondary Teachers, Higher Education, and Executives-Corporate.

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Lifelong Learning

At Da Vinci we serve individuals who are committed to lifelong learning. Our methods and processes help our clients discover their skills, talents, and highest self-expression so they can elevate their personal and professional lives. By assisting them to discover how they learn best, we help them apply practical solutions to set goals to help them achieve success.

Our lifelong learning practices at Da Vinci Institute include supporting individuals at every level:
Primary and Secondary Educators and Professionals
Learners and Educators in Higher Education
Corporate Individuals and Teams
Parent, Families and Community-based Organizations

Primary/Secondary Educators and Professionals-

As the paradigm of education evolves, learning focus, educational structure and student outcome targets are on a continuous shift. The Curriculum and Development team at the Da Vinci Institute are committed to providing high quality and relevant seminars, workshops and training to meet the needs of progressive professionals and educators. By promoting a culture of curiosity our members work collaboratively to foster new ideas and practices to share with our fellow educators to help them problem solve and guide in a diverse learning environment.

The Da Vinci Institute has a broad, diverse and comprehensive catalog of courses and resources, aligned with today’s challenges and available in both virtual and in person models

Higher Education

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At DaVinci lifelong learning doesn’t stop post secondary education! Our assessment and coaching teams help learners of all ages and backgrounds work to understand how they learn best and uncover unique nuances of their learning profile to become more productive, efficient and successful

Our coaching teams will work with individuals and teams, taking them through the Four Pillar process to enhance their daily practice and achieve better, more rewarding outcomes in their personal and professional lives.


A core principle of the DaVinci Institute is to promote global awareness, understanding and compassion for the unique qualities of human beings. As we celebrate our neurodiversity and the learning differences in all individuals The Institute works to provide access to and share authentic, reliable and valid experiences for those searching for information and a better understanding of our learning minds .

4 Pillars

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Who U Are

Our assessment and coaching teams will work with individuals to collect both qualitative and quantitative data, in as many areas as possible, to help identify how students/individuals learn. Our “whole person” model will explore many aspects of the learning mind including both internal and external motivators. We use scientifically based tools to identify any potential deficits or needs and how they may be impacting performance.

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The Gap

Our Collaborator team works with our clients/students to determine where they identify their productivity gap. How their learning mind manifests itself in their daily practice and what may need special or specific attention.

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The Solution

Following the scientific method our Collaborator team will develop a hypothesis, implement a strategic plan and measure progress towards goals with our clients/students. As data is collected adjustments will be made to ensure positive results in the most effective way possible

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The Vision

As part of the solution model our team works together with our clients/students to create sustainable visions and help them achieve their goals. In accordance with our lifelong learning value, vision plans are created in an organic fashion and ongoing reflection helps to reset boundaries and pursue perpetual growth.

We Are Proud Members Of

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Association of apba
Child Mind Institute
women In Behaviour Analysis
Empire State Development
Lieasea – Special Education Administrators
International Dyslexia Association
Understood for Learning & Attention Issues
National Center For Learning Disabilities
RESNA in North America

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