Teaching Children With Autism

Don’t Allow Autism to Be a Blocker for Your Child’s Academic Future

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What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is a complex developmental disability that impacts a person’s emotional, social, and communications skills. Autism is usually detected in early childhood and its symptoms and severity vary from person to person. Children with ASD have certain behavioral patterns that make it hard for them to communicate clearly and interact with others, which greatly impacts their day-to-day activities, including learning, focusing, and thinking. These, along with other symptoms, such as trouble understanding others, having trouble adapting to new situations and difficulty expressing their needs, just to name a few, are also common with ASD. Here at Da Vinci, we believe that a child’s education shouldn’t be impacted by autism, especially if symptoms are mild and not severe.

How Teachers Can Improve Their Performance in the Classroom

Specialized Autism Tutoring Lessons Come With a Lot of Benefits

Children diagnosed with autism have difficulties when it comes to studying and attending school. Parents already know the insurmountable challenges their children face, and they often struggle trying to meet their child’s special needs when it comes to education. Our specialized, one-on-one tutoring programs not only help your child overcome certain academic obstacles, we also help them improve their social and communication skills. Schools are often ill-prepared when it comes to teaching children with Autism, that’s why tailored Autism tutoring sessions are necessary to polish academic skills and abilities in order for ASD children to excel in school and social settings. Private tutoring sessions also allow children to feel completely safe and build trustworthy connections with their tutors.

1. Learn in a safe environment

The most important factor for ASD children is to feel safe. School can often be overwhelming for children suffering from Autism, and private tutoring helps ease the learning process so that children can show up confident in the classroom.

2. Develop a routine

It’s very important that autistic children develop a routine. This can help them not only learn, but also improve many areas of their lives, such as time- and self-management. Plus, having a session scheduled for each week helps them look forward to something fun.

3. Learn how to focus

One of the most known inconveniences of autism is the inability to focus. Autism tutoring sessions assure that students have someone who is always focused on them, who observes their academic progress, and helps them stay focused. 

4. Polish academic skills

One-on-one autism tutoring lessons ensure that your child will study for each school subject. As autism tutors, we understand that students with autism do not lack the ability to learn, they just learn differently, and we know exactly how to tackle these situations.

5. Improve grades

Once your child starts studying with us, improvements will start to show. By helping students study, improving their focus and teaching them intuitive ways to learn, their school grades will eventually start improving, along with their social and communications skills.

Why Choose Da Vinci Tutoring?

We have a highly personalized approach when it comes to teaching children with autism to read, write and solve math problems.

Da Vinci teachers evaluate and pinpointing your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and try to match them with the best possible tutor who can fit their needs. Apart from learning and studying, our autism tutoring sessions also encourage mindful exercises, as well as strengthening communication and social skills.

Furthermore, we also help establish routines, we tackle studying in creative ways, and take breaks for fun activities. We build trustworthy connections with our students, and our tutoring sessions help not only boost their academic skills and productivity, but their confidence, as well.

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What People Say

What people have said about DaVinci:

We continually go back to Da Vinci Collaborative for our professional development needs. Always a productive use of our teacher’s time with strategies and techniques they can utilize immediately in the classroom. The team at Da Vinci have a very clear understanding of students and their unique needs with problem solving methods to support their growth and development.
Jeanne Dowling
Director of Special Education West Islip School District
As a parent and an educator I had concerns for children. Da Vinci turned my concerns into a plan of action. They gave explicit instructions and proven strategies to help these amazing children reach their potential. My child loves her sessions and her confidence continues to grow.
Lou Bonadonna
Asst Superintendent Special Education Northport-East Northport Union Free School District
The evaluations conducted by Da Vinci provide unique insight into the profiles of our students while offering practical and productive recommendations to support their growth
Sue Kosser
Director of Pupil Personnel Services, East Rockaway School District
I am pleased to say that we have developed a wonderful partnership with Da Vinci's Team. Their commitment to our staff and students is evident. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing assistive technology to our students. They have quickly developed relationships with our building teams. They work tirelessly to ensure they have a complete understanding of each students' needs before recommendations are made. Working with Da Vinci has provided us with innovative AT support.
Aileen M. O'Rourke
Ed. D. Executive Director of Special Education | PPS K-5 and CPSE East Islip School District

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