Resource Room Consulting

By: Amy Ginty, Director Consulting
DaVinci Education

Daniel was diagnosed with both dyslexia and attentional deficits. He was placed with a seasoned resource room teacher who possessed limited knowledge of multisensory language instruction but had a strong desire to learn a new methodology was open to instruction. DaVinci Education and Research consultation models are perfectly suited for students matching Daniel’s learning abilities.

Working with Daniel’s resource room teacher, our consultants were able to advise Daniel’s teacher who not only became proficient in a new approach but also infused many of the additional tools and strategies modeled to target specific deficit areas Daniel struggled with. A collaborative plan produced measurable progress for this student as a reader. The supplemental strategies provided are now part of the teacher’s toolbox and experience.

The implementation of multisensory language instruction will benefit other students as well. DaVinci’s reading consultants unique qualifications and 16 plus years’ experience have built many long-lasting relationships built on mutual respect and trust with students, instructors and school district professionals. This approach ensures that every student is equipped to reach their fullest potential despite their learning differences.

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