Lisa Fiore

Assessments Director

Lisa joined Da Vinci Education & Research nine years ago. Lisa holds an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood, a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education, and a Masters of Science in Special Education. Prior to moving to Long Island 15 years, Lisa taught as a Multisensory Learning Therapist for 6 years in a Private school in Princeton, NJ for children with an
array of learning differences. Lisa has extensive experience and training in a multitude of programs as well as in Educational Test Administration and data analysis. Lisa’s experience has been a perfect parallel to joining Da Vinci
Education and Research. Lisa serves as the Program Manager for Test Administration and data collection.

“Throughout my years of teaching, it has been most rewarding to watch my students learn how they learn best, and develop into confidant, independent learners.” Lisa resides in Stony Brook with her 17-year old son Michael. In her spare time she enjoys working out and trips to the beach.

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