Kerry Leo

CEO, Founder

After a decade of classroom experience in public schools, Kerry Leo founded DaVinci Education and Research.  Her passion for curriculum development and working with students and teachers are foundational to her research-based, “cutting-edge” work with educators and administrators.   As CEO, Leo leads the teams that develop diagnostic skills by researching scientifically-based, studies for review, validation, and efficacy. The research-proven methodologies coupled with easily implemented techniques and strategies have made Kerry and her team educators and authorities in dyslexia and related learning based disorders.

As a local presenter and noted speaker, she captivates audiences with her vast knowledge and enthusiasm.  She is a staff developer, working in collaboration with school districts, medical research facilities; such as Einstein Medical Center, parent organizations, and educational conferences.

Leo is an educational therapist and diagnostician trained extensively in Orton Gillingham and certified in several multisensory programs including: Wilson Language, Lindamood-Bell, Sonday System, Touch-Math, Perceptions Math, Writing Adventures, Dr. Maryanne Wolf’s RAVE-O, and more. Kerry is a former president of the Long Island Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, a standing member of the International Dyslexia Association, ASCD, and Association of Educational Therapists, and has served on several boards and public education committees.

She earned a Bachelors of Science in Management and Marketing from Siena College, and holds a Masters of Education from Dowling College.

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