Assistive Technology Specialist

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The Role

Our Assistive Technology Specialist will be making a difference in the lives of children through assistive technology
consultation and evaluations. Keeping Da Vinci’s collaborative and research-based approach in mind, your role will
involve working with students, parents, and school districts to develop practical and effective assistive technology
solutions. To be on the leading edge of new technology for our students, you will have the opportunity to be a lifelong
learner and have a part in continuously developing our database of tools. Additionally, you will make valuable
contributions to our learning center by integrating technology into their classroom activities, student courses, and
professional development programs.

Why You’ll Love This Role
You will become a champion of student success and an avid problem solver to ensure that technology can be a bridge to accessible schoolwork. Your work will not only help your students, but will directly impact their entire team’s perspective on technology both in and out of the classroom. You will have the flexibility to schedule your own sessions, making every week a new experience! You will also be able to get creative and help develop accessible activities to get and keep students engaged. Are you excited to STEAM ahead with the latest technology? If so, you will love the opportunity to work with STEAM clinic courses, one of which features our new 3D printer!

Why We’ll Love You
Your previous work with students of varied abilities, especially if in the areas of Occupational Therapy and AAC implementation, will be an asset when performing consultations and evaluations with our students. You are also comfortable attending CSE meetings and cultivating professional relationships with district representatives, teachers, parents, and students. You are a fantastic writer with attention to detail, which will be key when performing and writing thorough assistive technology evaluations. You are receptive to constructive feedback and are looking for an opportunity with growth potential. You are tech-savvy by nature and are able to quickly learn ClickUp, our project management platform. Although you pick up technology easily, you are patient and encouraging when teaching others in this area. You enjoy learning about emerging technologies and sharing your discoveries with the Technology & Learning team. You are flexible, eager to travel to various school districts in Suffolk and Nassau counties, and arrive punctually for assistive technology consultations and evaluations.


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