This week we honor John Lennon for his belief in humanity and his capacity to create and dream for a better world. While our schools are in crisis, and our teachers, students and families face mounting pressure to perform under extreme conditions and challenges we strive to inspire hope.

Imagine there’s a school
Where students and teachers learn alike
Freedom to be their authentic selves
In a safe space where growth is the only goal
And for our community to notice, collaborate and find solutions that foster success

Imagine there’s no pressure
That we must always have the answer
But rather to analyze, hypothesize, strategize, implement, measure and observe
No fear from data but a thirst for knowledge
“Is what we are doing working?”

Imagine a culture of curiosity
Where educators and their students
Are always asking why?
There’s trust in support in all its forms
No shame in seeking more

You may say we are dreamers
But we know how to make this work
We hope someday we can join with you
To build a world that learns together as one

At Da Vinci, we continue to support our students, colleagues and district partners in their efforts to become successful lifelong learners in this time of uncertainty and instability. Our professional development and consultation services delivered either remotely or in person help to meet the unique needs of every learning community. We are bringing revolutionary new formats to the personal learning experience so that teachers can shape their journey to fit their real world situation. Stay tuned for our new hybrid professional learning model that will allow educators and districts engage in highly engaging, quality coursework more efficiently and effectively.

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