How We Tackle Difficult Challenges by Keeping an Open Mind and a Willingness to Learn

The world of education has certainly changed within the past year, and we have learned that we are nothing if we can’t be flexible. When the world shut down, I think one of the biggest questions I had, as a mom and an educator, was ‘what about the kids?’ What about school? How would we make the impossible, possible? It was an amazing thing to see so many people step up to a challenge they never imagined.

How Da Vinci tackled the education crisis by working as a team

As the Executive Director of District Services and Instruction at Da Vinci, I was pleased to see so many professionals come together collaboratively to figure out a way to educate. Our living rooms and dining rooms became a classroom overnight. Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, and remote learning became the new platforms for education.

Da Vinci did not skip a beat. We “gathered” virtually immediately following the call for shutdown to discuss how we could continue to help our students, administrators, staff, and parents. We knew we needed to come up with answers – and we needed to do it fast.

I have been a part of the Da Vinci family for almost 11 years, and brainstorming with my colleagues continues to be an exhilarating experience. Although it was not easy, we were able to figure out ways to continue delivering specialized instruction, resource room support, consultation support, professional development, and more.

We researched various online tools and resources to help keep our students engaged. We developed and implemented strategies to help teachers deliver instruction virtually to 15 students within the special education population. We helped educators figure out how to work towards and measure IEP goals in a virtual world. We took what we thought would be an impossible obstacle and made it possible. This challenge is not over, and the staff at Da Vinci will continue to assist everyone and anyone in need.

Readying ourselves for future challenges

Our lives are continuously changing on a daily basis. Many of us await the next shut down, while others are trying to accommodate multiple students in a hybrid model of teaching and learning. While this task may not be an easy one, we have learned that if we allow ourselves to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, amazing things can happen.

We have watched our youngsters rise to an occasion we never imagined. Their resilience and adaptability is something that should be praised and emulated. We will all look back on this pandemic and remember something different; something will have etched itself in our minds. I am certain that I will look back and remember the strength of all the individuals involved with education, and especially our students.

If you or your child are struggling during these uncertain times, and feel like you could use a helping hand to ensure your child’s education doesn’t skip a beat, reach out to us to learn more about our programs. We’re dedicated and prepared to guide you through this challenge.

Written by Kasi Perritt, MA ED, Executive Director of District Services and Instruction

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