Your Child’s Assistive Technology journey

I love experiments. Coming from an engineering background, hypothesizing and trying out unique solutions makes me feel in my natural element. One day, I was chatting with Lorna, our Manager of Behavior Support Services, and admired her Christmas Cactus. She then told me an amazing story of how her cactus was grown, with the help of one of her friends, from a small piece of a larger cactus. As they continued spending time together, they admired the growth of the cactus as well as their bond. Touched by the story and hoping she would rid me of my less-than-green thumb, I tried it myself. I asked about all the environmental factors necessary to hopefully make my experiment successful when Lorna simply replied “Don’t worry, just water it when it’s dry and you should be fine!”. She then warned, “It may take over a year to flower, but it is worth the wait!”.

Seeing our students succeed and their confidence grow is always worth the wait. Through our Assistive Technology evaluations and consultations, I have the privilege of working with many students and their teams to equip them with the tools they need to flourish in the long term. Sometimes technology is difficult to master at first, as we all saw last March when we all began learning the ins and outs of a fully remote world. However, by providing recommendations and training, we get to play a part in helping our students see the value of their technology and use it to bridge the gap to reach their full potential!

We would be honored to walk with your student or child throughout this journey and support them along the way! The path is not always straight or without roadblocks, but our team at Da Vinci will be there with a multidisciplinary perspective and innovative solutions to keep us on the right track.

~ Christina

If you would like to partner with Da Vinci to start your student or child’s Assistive Technology journey, please email Christina Maragioglio, our Director of Technology and Learning, by email at or by phone at (631)793-0704 to discuss how to get started!

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