7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Virtual Tutoring Sessions for Your Child

We’re living in an increasingly digitized world. Thanks to technology, and partly as a result of COVID-19, education has been moving online for the past two years. The rate at which schooling and tutoring programs transitioned into remote and online experiences is truly astonishing. As it turns out, it only takes a worldwide pandemic to accelerate the process of digitization.

In the past two years, teachers and private tutors came up with fun, interactive, and also highly efficient ways to teach their students using video conference tools. As most students and teachers can’t wait to get back in the classroom, some still prefer online learning, or a hybrid model, for a variety of reasons.

With access to a plethora of learning and tutoring tools and programs, students can get the most out of any lecture, and most importantly, they can attend from anywhere. AI, personalized lessons, and constructive feedback are just some of the tools we use in our virtual tutoring sessions here at Da Vinci Collaborative. These, combined with easy accessibility and convenience, make every tutoring session an enjoyable experience for our students.

If you’ve been thinking about signing your child up for personalized, private online tutoring classes, and you’re still not sure whether this would be a good idea or not, check out the top 7 reasons why you should definitely consider it.

The top 7 benefits of virtual tutoring

1. Flexibility

One of the main advantages of online tutoring lessons is being able to attend from wherever you feel comfortable. All your child needs is a laptop, tablet or computer, and a small working space. They can study from the desk in their room, the living room couch, on the terrace or garden, at their grandparents’ house – basically any place that has a reliable internet connection.

2. Comfort

For some children, it’s much more comfortable to learn within an online environment, as opposed to face-to-face interactions. They can feel less pressure and more safety, which is more than enough to get them in the mood to study more efficiently with their tutor. Plus, getting dressed and commuting to a location isn’t necessary. Sometimes, kids dread just getting ready to leave the house, so jumping on a laptop for a one-hour session is much more convenient.

3. Personalized learning experience

Every child’s learning experience is different. They have different needs, skills and retention abilities. It’s very important that tutors always structure their lessons and teaching techniques to cater to a student’s specific needs. A private tutor will always set the appropriate pace for the student, and make them feel more involved in the learning process. They essentially co-create the entire learning experience with the student.

4. Limited distractions

A private one-on-one tutoring session, whether an online or an offline one, ensures that the student is more focused and engaged with the work they are doing. Heightened focus means that your child will learn much faster, and will most likely be able to start understanding advanced materials in time, as well. We all know school classrooms can sometimes be loud and overwhelming, and can easily distract students. Compared to that, one-on-one sessions have a calm atmosphere, perfect for limiting distractions.

5. Access to online tutoring tech

Your child will be introduced to a variety of tools and programs that will aid their learning journey, even outside the tutoring lessons. Today’s children are already digital natives, but having hands-on experience with multiple tools will add a new skill to their arsenal. Tutors can not only help children study, but also introduce them to online whiteboards, file sharing tools, multimedia materials, and much, much more.

6. The perfect environment for special education

If your child is in need of special assistance when it comes to their education, an online environment can be a safe haven. Children who suffer from anxiety, for example, might feel more at ease in front of a laptop, rather than face to face with a teacher. One-on-one tutoring is also extremely beneficial for ADHD students, who sometimes have a very short attention span in class. In private sessions, they tend to focus on the lecture much better.

7. Cost- and time-effective

Online tutoring programs are affordable. Tutors usually charge less for online classes, as opposed to real-life, location-based sessions. In addition, you can also save money which you would usually spend on commuting. Rather than accompanying your child to every class, they can attend the class at home, while you work on your own tasks, or just relax. This way, you save some time for personal activities.

Do you want your child to attend virtual tutoring sessions?

If you’ve been thinking of signing up your child to a personalized tutoring program, we hope the above-mentioned benefits helped you at least consider it. If you have any questions on virtual learning, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At Da Vinci Collaborative, we have accumulated a wealth of experience from helping children learn and grow. We work with students every day and help them overcome academic difficulties. We also offer mental health and special education services, depending on their needs.

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