5 Essential Traits of an Educational Consultant

In my role as an educational consultant for over 16 years, the most gratifying reward is the enduring relationships between administrators and educators that have been fostered throughout the years. That is exactly our mission here at Da Vinci, to foster long-term relationships that help us better ourselves and reach for excellence in what we do. To that purpose, we’re presenting what we think are the 5 essential traits of an educational consultant. We hope this will help you better understand what this role implies and how educational consultants can help. 

1. Curiosity

At Da Vinci, we strive to create a culture of curiosity characterized by wondering and noticing student strengths and weaknesses based on data collection as well as careful observations. We explore alternative methods and customize programs without compromising integrity. Our diagnostic and prescriptive mindset supports the teachers we collaboratively work with to meet individual student needs, as well as assisting educators in classroom-based models.

2. Attentiveness

One of the most important components of our consultation model is follow-up. Constructive feedback and ongoing support create a climate of unfettered communication and mutual trust. Our consultation paradigm offers in-person modeling and observation to facilitate strategy, lesson, and program implementation.

3. Humbleness

A seasoned consultant recognizes that the educators you are serving possess worthwhile contributions and experience to be valued within a collaborative partnership. We are all teachers who learn and grow together. In my role as an educational consultant, I have added great tools to my repertoire from the wonderful, seasoned teachers I work with. Similarly, at Da Vinci, we are a team of professionals with various areas of expertise that share the common goal of solving problems together for our district partners, students, and parents. Great things happen when many minds work together.

4. Resourcefulness

The consultants at Da Vinci provide new tools and strategies that enhance an existing program and target specific areas within a program that require more support. These also include carefully researched and tested digital tools/activities for remote instruction that target specific skills. The goal of the consultant is to conclude a consultation with something useful, applicable, and appropriate to add and enhance instruction. As a multi-faceted educational company, The Da Vinci Collaborative has resources to meet the assessment, academic, social/emotional, technological, and professional development needs of our partnering districts. 

5. Compassion

Actively listening to the struggles and concerns of the administrators and teachers we serve can not be overstated. The obstacles and challenges that districts are facing due to the ongoing health crisis are numerous. Teachers are juggling delivering instruction both remotely and in-person with multiple restrictions due to safety concerns. Yet, they find a way and overcome. At Da Vinci, we are here to help ease the burden and help our district partners and students work smarter, not harder.

Working with Da Vinci

The Da Vinci Collaborative prides itself on providing ongoing support from a team of professionals who bring valuable contributions to the table to solve problems. Our team approach develops and mentors consultants who are trained in a multitude of the latest research-based programs and multisensory strategies/tools. Our gold standard pledges to provide consultants that strive to offer a new perspective, insight-based experience, and proven best practices. A successful consultation model must be rooted in an environment of trust of respect.

If you’re looking for skilled educational consultants or want to learn more about how Da Vinci can help you, reach out to us and let’s have a chat about your needs.  

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