10 Benefits of Summer Camp for Children

At Da Vinci Collaborative, our 2022 Summer Camp is in full swing! Every week until the end of August, we’re helping children recover from the learning loss of the past years and once again interact with each other face to face, while also learning valuable life-long skills. 

We thus know firsthand how summer camp can help children open up, learn new skills, become more independent, and how the experience can become a memory that they cherish their entire lives. But if you, as a parent, have never gone to summer camp when you were a kid, you might not be so convinced that it’s a good idea to send your child to one. That’s perfectly understandable, so we want to share with you what we think are some of the top benefits of summer camp for children and teens alike. Keep reading to learn how summer camp can benefit your child, and check out the Da Vinci Summer Camp to see if it’s the right fit for you. 

1. Meeting new friends 

One of the biggest advantages of summer camp is that it offers children the opportunity to interact with new people and make new friends, possibly for life. At camp, children get the chance to interact with other kids that they might otherwise never meet, and this interaction is invaluable, especially after many months of lockdowns and studying from home. If your child doesn’t have many friends or is a bit shy, this might be a great way to introduce them to new people. 

2. Becoming more independent 

Summer camp means being away from parents, and having to complete different tasks and chores. While kids might not initially be too excited about chores and tasks, completing them will help them become more independent and less reliant on their parents or family members. They will learn to do practical things, which will give them a boost of confidence and independence.

3. Learning to communicate 

Part of being at summer camp is about communication and interaction with other kids of different ages. Being exposed to new people and having to work in teams and groups helps children improve their communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, and can help them learn to better express themselves. 

4. Overcoming shyness 

For a shy or introverted child, going to summer camp can be daunting, but in the end, it can do wonders for them and help them come out of their shell. Of course, counselors must be careful not to force children to interact or become friends, but provide different types of challenges to help children overcome their shyness gradually. Perhaps working in a small team of two can help a child communicate and be comfortable, and gradually they might be able to participate in larger teams or missions. 

5. Learning valuable skills 

Summer camp is a way for children to improve themselves, both physically and mentally/emotionally, by expanding their communication skills and gaining confidence and independence. However, summer camp will also teach them practical life skills, like making a fire, cooking, cleaning, navigating a trail, hiking, survival skills, and more. These skills could prove invaluable and they will be something that children will take with them for the rest of their lives. 

6. Embracing nature 

If your family lives in a busy, crowded city like New York or Chicago, for instance, getting away from the hustle and bustle can be challenging. Hiking trails and tranquil nature settings might not be easily accessible, which is why summer camp is the perfect opportunity. What better way to encourage kids to embrace and connect with nature? They will certainly benefit from getting fresh air, listening to birdsong, and forest bathing. Who knows, they might even learn to love hiking and mountaineering, and turn it into a life-long hobby. 

7. Getting physically active 

Think about how most kids spend their summers nowadays. They usually sleep in, stay up late on their computers or watching Netflix, and spend their days endlessly scrolling through social media or taking selfies with their friends. Summer camp is a great way to help kids be more physically active and get off the couch. Getting some exercise in nature can boost their mental health, and their physical health, as well, and help them burn off all that youthful energy in a positive way. 

8. Taking a break from devices 

While there is no denying the benefits and advantages of technology, there are downsides, as well. For children and teens, social media can become addictive, and convincing them to take a break from their devices can feel close to impossible. At summer camp, children are busy with different activities and tasks, and they won’t even have time to scroll social media. At the end of the day, they won’t even want to, and they’ll get a tech detox without even planning for it. 

9. Learning resilience 

While you don’t want to place fear in your child by trying to tell them that life is tough, it’s a good idea to teach them to be resilient and to keep pushing to reach their goals. However, as parents, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Summer camp can help children learn this valuable skill, as challenges and tasks can teach them that commitment and perseverance can pay off. Kids will learn not to give up at the first sign of an obstacle or a difficulty, and how to keep motivated and persevere to achieve what they want. At the same time, they will learn how to deal with disappointment if things don’t work out the way they want, and how to move on from that. 

10. Picking up new hobbies 

Last but not least, summer camp can unlock different opportunities that children might not even now exist. They might realize that they enjoy cooking, or crafts, or that they might want to pursue a career as a mountain guide – you never know! Summer camp is a great way to expose a child to different hobbies and fun activities, and it could even show them different career paths that are available to them. 

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